Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Racial Vitriol in the Trump Era

This article was inspired by an African American female, who shared this story on Facebook.

"This weekend while in Winston Salem... my daughter, her friend and I stayed over night at a hotel where we had the continental breakfast the next morning. At that time we were the only 3 blacks in the room, we got our food and sat down at a table next to a woman and her daughter's table. We began to eat when we heard the mom tell her daughter, 'stop staring at them, they have a right to be here just like you'. We looked over at them, the mother smiled and they got up and left. I didn't really know how to feel or what to say to my daughter and her friend other than WOW!"

It would not be fair to blame Donald Trump for the actions of others. However, his ultra-conservative stance, his being supported by the KKK, Neo-Nazi Groups, Skinheads and the like, has emboldened pockets of Caucasian Americans to say and do things they normally would not do or say.

Hate is taught, it is a learned behavior, that is why the little girl was staring, based on what she has been taught. The apple rarely falls far from the tree.

I'm a supervisor for a fortune 500 company and work virtual office. About 2 months ago, for the first time in my adult life, a customer called me the "N-word." And he didn't stop at calling me a n*gg*r, he called me a "stupid n*gg*r," primarily because he was not giving proper verification info, which is why the call was transferred to me. My response was the same as the lady who posted her story on Facebook.... "WOW!" And I can tell you why she said WOW, the same reason why I could only utter the word, WOW! Initially you're in a mild state of shock and that is the only word that comes to mind. It's shocking because you're thinking you're in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Your immediate thought process is, "wait a minute, am I dreaming?" Is this not 2017, or is it 1965?

Another recent occurrence, a customer who chatted-in, requested to speak with a "white supervisor." The 1st level customer service representative cold-transferred the chat to me so the customer assumed he was chatting with a "white supervisor." I won't even repeat what the guy typed. When he finished, I simply mentioned to him that "I am African American" and disconnected the chat.

Racial intolerance and racial hatred are at an all-time high in the post-antebellum world. In order to curb the animosity toward African Americans and other minorities, it's not going to be a government-inspired resolution, it has to come from Caucasian Americans; those who find racial hatred as appalling as we do.

In other words, the resolution lies in grass-roots America. Most of your liberal-minded Caucasian friends and co-workers have associates, friends and family members who live on a day to day basis under the archaic notion and absurd mindset that the White Race is the superior race. Often their words and actions clearly indicate such nonsense as being a strong part of their character and personality.

As an upstanding citizen, it's your responsibility to put these idiots in check! You must let these people know that their outlandish, disrespectful rhetoric, will not be tolerated. If the behavior continues, as a member of logical-minded-White-America (just as logical-minded-Black-America is obligated to do with rogue members of the African American race), you must sever ties with such individuals. If you don't, as Dr. King so eloquently stated, "A time comes when silence is betrayal."

Source: "When Silence is Betrayal"