Monday, October 19, 2015

Book Review: The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU

If you're dealing with truth, "you don’t have to know who turned on a light in a darkened room to make use of that light."

The way you’ll know it’s the truth is that it will make sense logically, intellectually, and emotionally, which is not too often the case given the versions or pseudo facsimiles of the truth, bandied about in millennia gone by. Once you discover truth, you will feel liberated, empowered, cogent, joyful, loving, and any confusion will be banished.

"There’s no trace of a God in the afterlife as depicted by nearly every religion. Which is really great news when you consider how most religions depict God. Of course there is a God, just not like the one taught by the blind who lead the blind."

"God is the sum of all that is—every voice, every heartbeat, every man, woman, and child, every animal, every insect, every boulder, planet, and mote of dust, including sentient beings far removed from time and space."

The truth is who and what we are. The truth is neither abstract nor fleeting. "We are 'it' come alive."

The truth is objective; the truth is real and uncomplicated. "And while there may be an infinite number of roads to Rome, none of them changes Rome."

"We know the truth when we meet it. It’s just that having taken the plunge into “life” ourselves in this early stage of our civilization’s spiritual development, we don’t usually grant ourselves permission to go to places in thought that we can’t touch , taste, see, hear, or feel. Very caveman, yet very predictable for where we are in our evolutionary arc."

These are primitive times, and given that times are defined by the people who occupy them, we are primitive people. Not by chance, though, but by design. We knew it would be like this. We chose to show up early in humanity’s development, perhaps as part of the price for getting to show up later as masters, or because the possibilities that exist today won’t exist in the same way later on.

"Doesn’t really matter now; we’re here. We are mere babes in the jungles of time and space, and therefore understandably scared by the world around us, feeling vulnerable, relying almost exclusively on our physical senses to label, define, and make progress."

Nothing frees you like the truth, and nothing holds you back more than not knowing it.

Knowledge is power; it heals what hurts, fills what’s empty, clears what’s confused, lightens what’s heavy, brings friends together, turns dust to gold, and raises the sun. A man or a woman tuned in and turned on to truth becomes an unstoppable force.

We ourselves are permeated by a benign intelligence. Given the overwhelming evidence from our own lives so far, we can, to a significant and profound degree, direct this benign intelligence at will.

"I found early on in my quest for answers— and this has no doubt occurred in your life—that the longer I dwelled on a question, the more inevitably I received its answer, whether conventionally in a book that 'coincidentally' crossed my path or through a mysterious sort of osmosis."

That these words have found you is exactly what I mean. But given the hot topics I touch upon herein, that you are no doubt ready to examine from angles never before considered, I’d like to caution that any passage, phrase, or chapter of this book read without the context offered by the entire book, may be disturbing or even misleading.

The author - Mike Dooley - strongly advises that you either read his book, cover to cover, or simply leave it untouched, lying around your home until an avid-reader-friend finally “stumbles” upon it, reads it through, and reports his or her complete findings to you.

"Finally, in fairness to the dead, the chapters surely do not speak for them all. Among the dearly departed, some are certainly more concerned with plotting a hopeless revenge, evading a nonexistent Lucifer, or pleading with a handsome likeness of their favorite prophet, than caring about the nature of reality, of which they may know very little.

They’ll eventually get on board as surely as day follows night, but in the meantime, death doesn’t bring automatic enlightenment. It’s a regrouping phase for the former living to reconvene, share, laugh, cry, self-assess, strategize, and prepare for what’s next.

"The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU," by Mike Dooley, is from those who have transitioned, who are "in the know" and aware, simply by virtue of experience. The "old souls" who would like to reach those who want to be reached. They want to reach those who are ready to learn life’s truths so they can far more happily get on with living.