Thursday, July 19, 2012


Even as a kid, things had to make sense to me, things had to be somewhat logical. You couldn't just tell me anything and I'd believe it, no matter what it was. Therefore, my quest for the truth regarding religion began at a fairly early age.

My parents were devout Christians and literally force-fed the religion to me and my brother. From day one we had no say in the matter, as is true for most children. If I told my mom that I didn't understand why we would burn eternally if we didn't follow the strict guidelines of the Christian faith (when hardly any of the adults in the church seem to follow them), or that it just doesn't make sense, I would have gotten a good ol' fashion butt whipping, just like most of the people reading this now. Parents pass on their religious beliefs to their children. Muslim parents tend to have Muslim children, Christian parents tend to have Christian children, Hindu parents tend to have Hindu children.

What amounts to brainwashing, is actually done under the guise of "saving your soul." For me, it was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Think about it; your parents did little to no research, they usually went by what the minister, bishop, or cardinal told them to do. Most people have never read the Bible all the way through, and those that have only understand bits and pieces. The scriptures they do not understand, or the portions of the bible that have evil overtones they simply ignore, or they will utter some trite response, such as, "God works in mysterious ways," or worse, attribute their ignorance to "blind faith." News flash to my Christian brothers and sisters: blind faith emanating from a Christian is just as dangerous as blind faith coming from a Muslim.