Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Folly of the American Public

This post was inspired by another article writer who stated, in a post entitled "XHDF" about the "Extreme Hubble Deep Field" image taken by the Hubble telescope:

"You'd imagine that there would have been a bigger deal made out of the appearance of these 'interstellar cosmonauts who have mastered a technology way beyond our own'."

My response to his tongue-in-cheek comment ran a bit long so I decided to turn it into an article. Feel free to disagree, that's certainly your prerogative.

However, don't just take my word for it, maybe you'll believe retired Sergeant Clifford Stone - formerly of the US Army Extraterrestrial Retrieval Team - who stated:

"We have contact with Aliens, not originating from some foreign country, but from some other Solar System and I have been a party to that." His words were, I repeat, "from some other SOLAR SYSTEM."

View "Cover-Up at Vandenberg Air Force Base" and possibly you'll take the word of retired Col. Frederick Meiwald who witnessed US military weapons being disarmed by ET aircraft.

"Objects of extraterrestrial origin have been tracked on radar going thousands of miles per hour, stopping on a dime, and making right turns."

How about a retired Captain in the United States Navy, former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell (the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14 and 6th man to walk on the moon), who has stated on numerous occasions that UFO's are real.

Mitchell has provided keen insight into the reason why the US government has kept UFO related information top-secret. Take 14:48 out of your busy schedule to watch Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell speak on the existence of ET's: ..

Then there's former Lt. Colonel Dwynne Arneson (US Air Force) who served 26 years all over the world, including Vietnam. Colonel Arneson has testified to 3 UFO sightings. He's quoted as saying, "Back in those days, the possibility of ET information being released to the people would probably have caused a lot of social unrest, because it has religious and social implications, but if you think about it, all this vast universe we have, if we're the only intelligent life here, God sure has bad judgement" (View "UFO Reports from SCI-TK").

Col Arneson's statement is very similar to the late astrophysicist Carl Sagan's comment:

"If we are alone in the universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space."

Then there's former President Jimmy Carter who reported seeing an unidentified flying object in Leary, Georgia, in 1969, at a speech he was about to give at the Lions Club. Cater, along with ten or twelve other people, witnessed a self-illuminating object for a little over ten minutes before it passed out of sight.

In 1971 Carter was elected governor of Georgia. He would later say that if he were ever to become president, he would inform the American public of the strong possibility that we are not alone in our galaxy.

In 1977, President Carter held a meeting with the Director of Central Intelligence (CIA) George Bush Sr. President Carter demanded that CIA director Bush, turn over classified information about UFO's and the information in possession of the U.S. Intelligence community concerning the existence of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence. This information was refused to the president by George Bush Sr. Bush insisted that the president needed to go through several sources to have this information declassified.

Later, Attorney Daniel Sheehan, while serving as General Council to the United States Jesuit headquarters, was refused access to the information in the Vatican Library regarding extraterrestrials. Two points must be made: (1) Religion and Politics are constant bedfellows; they are birds of the very same sinister feather, and (2) The US President does not run this country.

He is a puppet and only powerful on paper, unless you're a member of the Bush family. If Governor Jeb Bush of Florida runs for president in 2016, he will win and be prepared to enter WWIII.

Please do the research before you make disparaging comments that clearly point to the fact that you, like billions of others, don't know what time it is. 

Read, research and study independently and you'll see why all governments, not just the United States, want to keep us divided, ignorant, and in the dark.

We are a part of a planetary community and this information is hidden from the American public.